A private collective of collectors and crypto investors

Each Cobra represents an access pass to the collective, unlocks private club membership and includes access to all the additional benefits of the Legendary Cobra Club.


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The very first of its kind

The idea of creating the Legendary Cobra Club came out for our shared passion of investing in crypto, trading collectibles and for our love of teaching the economies of the future.

The Digital Collectibles, also known as the new modern art, have drove many established and famous artists from the real world (web2) to move into the new virtual world of the metaverse and web3.

Our goal is to provide our community a legendary web3 experience in terms of global network, knowledge, and a membership access in our web3 club.

Thus, we have created the Legendary Cobra Club, not only you will be able to participate in the growth of the metaverse and the world of tomorrow, but the purchase of one or more of our membership accesses will give you the opportunity to join this outstanding adventure.


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Who we are ?

We are a Community, coming from all over the World, and passionate about the future, which is Web3.

What we do ?

We invest our money together, as a Community, in the most promising and incredible projects available in this NFT market, and in this Web3 environment.

How it works ?

We put our money together in a Community wallet, like in a basket, that gives us access to a percentage of the wallet’s total value.

Where we go ?

To the moon!

What it is for ?

We want to be richer together, and buy NFTs from the biggest and best collections available in the market, whose cost today is already more than 50’000 USD per NFT, they have the best ratio of return on investment (ROI) compared to low risk.

Road Map


The journey of the Legendary Cobra Club

March 1, 2022


The official Discord of the Legendary Cobra Club goes public, focusing on building a real and solid Community

Q2 2022


The time you’ve all been waiting for!

Minting of the Legendary Cobra Club NFT goes live

1 Cobra NFT = One membership to the collective

Q2 2022


  • Training course in NFT/Web3 space
  • Training course in Crypto investing
  • Live NFT/Crypto Coachings
  • NFT/Crypto Alphas
  • Community Votes
  • Weekly AMA
Q2 2022


The time you’ve all been waiting for!

Minting of the Legendary Cobra Club NFT goes live

1 Cobra NFT = One membership to the collective

FROM Q3 2022


Collaborations with other projects to develop knowledge synergies around the web3 space

Our Community

Utilities based NFT

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Bet on Blue Chip NFTs and get the best return on investment.


Decisions of the Cobra Community will be taken by the majority.


Get your cobra share and benefit from the biggest NFT collections


Real community with genuinely interested people.

Cobra Team

Meet the team

Reline is an official organization, expert in cybersecurity and information verification, that has updated and taken the Defi industry identification standards to another level. The core mission of Reline is to track everything about its clients and help to protect investors against all kinds of scams and rug pulls. Their protocol and official due diligence cannot be falsified.

The Legendary Cobra Club will be monitored by Reline, to ensure that there are no scams around this project.

LEGENDARY COBRA CLUB successfully passed the toughest KYC process.

In order to raise the level of requirements of the NFT industry, and bring above average standards of quality for the best comfort of the members of the collective, Corpokit, Senzer and Saitama have passed the highest level of compliance test in the field of NFT and Crypto space – a manual and tamper-proof real identity and backgrounds verification.


Frequently Asked Questions

Legendary! We are an exclusive club of collectors located on the Ethereum blockchain and evolving as a collective in the web3 space, willing to enjoy together an oustanding journey!

Ethereum. Our project is based on the ERC721 Standard. Our smart contract is optimized with the ERC721A version. Gas fees are extremely low when it comes to mint a Cobra NFT.
On OpenSea, Rarible and Looksrare. (see links above)